Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An action packed 770km

After a surf at carties on Saturday, me and Ben decided we would go on a spontaneous and random trip down South.

Around 3:30 on the same day Ben picks me up and we leave on our 4 and a half our trip down south.

Ben Concentrating, while listening to his METAL haha.

Stopped twice, once at some big servo and got some snacks, and the other at Balina for some HUNGRY JACKS.

The deal ... (servo stop 1)

Finally arrived bout around 8pm and found some little camp out spot with a public toilet right near the beach, thought it was a good place to set up camp. Unfortunately it started raining before we fell asleep and the tent had a leek and started to flood, so we bailed into the car to sleep for the night. It was not over there, through the night Ben woke up to some guys in another car shining there lights into our car yelling at us, " If you cheap bastards are not gone by the time we get back we will burn your Tent down, etc etc", Ben pretty much jumps out of the car and packs the tent up as quickly as possible and puts it in the car, this is going on while I'm still asleep, and he starts the car and drives down the road a bit to a more protected spot where I wake up thinking he is driving to go for a surf, look at my phone to see it is in the middle of the night. Ben tells me what has happened, was pretty tripped out and confused. When we got to the spot we both had a good sleep on from there.

Ben putting up tent.

Wake up at around 4 : 30am QLD time, and drive up the road to The Wall in the pitch black, so we could get there before the crowds, when we got the could see there was a fun right hand wedge off the wall and Ben decides to go out by him self in the dark to get a few by himself before the locals show up.

Ben Heading out for an early.

About 5:30 the Inverted Team and some friends (curtis, lachlan, tim, alex, charlse, daniel and a friend of lachlans) rock up out of nowhere, which is good as we had big black curtis to protect us hahaha.

We ended up finding this fun shorey, NSW Shellys.

Here are a couple of shots from the Day !!!

Empty Keg

Empty Frame

Lachlan Backdoor

Pretty sure Curtis getting a cracker

Lachlan Cramsie (vote best grom of the year)

Alex Ripping

Fred Invert

Lachlan being amazing

Lachlan Rev

About 11am Ben and Myself decide to leave after a 6 and a half hours of boogien, shooting, locals trying to hit my camera with there stupid surfboards and go home.

Got home at around 3:30 after an excruciating and tireing drive home, ended up doing 770km of driving all up with nearly no sleep at all...

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