Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boogie Nation

Went down to Ybah on the High tide the other day and the surf was alright a couple of alright ones here and there.

Sorry quality isnt as good due to weird blog shit :(

Zac lil invert

Tyson Floater

Nick McNeil Reverse Seq

Rob reverse hack

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kiama Madness

Last holidays on the last day of my time down south i headed down kiama with some mates, because we heard the was some swell to be around.

Got the 5 09 train there got there to be overcast and pitch dark waited another 30 mins and to see kendals pumping and wedge to big to surf. So here are some pics of the day yewwwww:

Greenies wall

Wedge Art

Kendals Shorey

Jamie Bomb set

Green Hollowness

Clay Death Shorey

Bombies Pumping

Clay on a nice one

lil Jamie slotted

Lil Jamie Slotted again

Friday, October 23, 2009

Last Month

Sorry for the late blogs as I have been to lazy and busy to post!

Went down south last holidays and went down the coast to a small town of cudmirra for a bit, stayed in a caravan park with jye, ryan and allen. Had some good days and nights, didnt get to much swell but had a couple of sick days of fun waves.

Here is a couple of photos of some of the good times and waves from down the coast...


Lappy Sesh

Surf Checking

Framed Peak

Secret Spot


Glassy small frame

check my flickr yeww -

Friday, October 9, 2009

28th of october Wedge!!!

I arrived down south on the 27th and heard some swell was comign in the next day so headed down to kiama to get some snaps, wasnt as big as expected but some fun wedges come through for me:

Opening up

Different angles down wedge end

Chair Barrell

A - Frame


Friday, October 2, 2009

South Coast Dissapointment

Flew down south on Monday, and headed down Kiama wedge on tuesday Morning because it was ment to be pumping, and I get there to see a couple of nice waves but nothing expected about 3 foot sets and a bit inconsistent pretty much never looking at the internet for swell again... Few pics will be put up soon or untill I get home :).

Now getting ready to head to to sussexx and hopefully get some good waves and head down to surf some good breaks yewwwwwwww!!!